One&Only Chais & Matcha:

The Sensual Ones

The One&Only Chais & Matcha flavours are the sensual side of the One&Only family. Their unique compositions make these chai varieties a scintillating taste experience for the senses. The One&Only Matcha powder lends drinks the typical aromatic flavour associated with green teas – not to mention their green colour.

Serving suggestion hot for 100 % Matcha powder for a 360 ml (12 oz) Matcha Latte:

Stir 3 g (3 pinches or 0.1 oz) of 100 % Matcha powder into 360 ml (12 oz) of foamed milk.



Serving suggestion for Matcha Latte powder for 360 ml (12 oz):

Mix 0.6 oz (2 heap. tsp. or 18 g) of Matcha Latte powder with 12 oz (360 ml) hot or cold milk. Optional mix with 1.7 oz (50 ml) hot water first and then add 10.5 oz (310 ml) hot or cold milk.