Asian Spritz

Try my One&Only Mango Smoothie, mix it with my One&Only Orange Lemon Smoothie and add some fresh cilantro. You´ll get a fruity and fresh lemonade with a slight herbal kick. Bubbly and super fruity!

Ingredients for 12 oz (about 360 ml)

  • Approximately 8 ice cubes (depending on size)
  • 20 ml One&Only Mango Smoothie
  • 40 ml One&Only Orange Lemon Smoothie
  • 1 small bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 160 ml of water, cooled (bubbling)
  • For decoration: Fresh lemon/ lime slices, fresh cilantro leaves


1. Put the cilantro leaves in a 12 oz Clear Cup or large glass and chop the coriander leaves with a pestle.
2. Mix the One&Only Mango Smoothie and One&Only Lemon Orange Smoothie into the jar.
3. Add the water and ice cubes and stir the lemonade.
4. Garnish with cilantro and fresh lemon.

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