Creamy Green Chai

The Creamy Green Chai, which takes on a greenish tint because of my One&Only Green Chai, is a real looker. Mixed with my One&Only White Chocolate, it is a sweet delight that will warm you up.

Ingredients for approx. 360 ml (12 oz)

- 290 ml (9.8 oz) hot milk
- 40 ml (1.3 oz) milk froth
- 10 - 13 g (1/4 scoop or 0.5 oz) One&Only Green Chai
- 20 g (1/2 scoop or 0.7 oz) One&Only White Chocolate


1.) Stir One&Only Green Chai and White Chocolate powder
into the milk and steam.
2.) Pour mixture into a glass or mug and top with milk froth.

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