Eggnog Chocolate

The perfect Easter recipe: my One&Only White Chocolate with a hint of eggnog, topped with my melting One&Only Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping. Sinfully good!

Ingredients for approx. 240 ml (8 oz)

- 190 ml (6.4 oz) hot milk
- 40 ml (1.3 oz) whipped cream or milk froth
- 20 g (1/2 scoop or 0.7 oz) One&Only White Chocolate
- 8 ml (1 shot ot 0.3 oz) 1883 Routin Syrup Eggnog
- 1 tsp One&Only Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping


1.) Pour the Eggnog Syrup into a glass.
2.) Add the steamed milk and stir in the One&Only White Chocolate powder.
3.) Top with the whipped cream or milk froth.
4.) Sprinkle with One&Only Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping, as desired.

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