Honeycomb Choc.

This is a seductive hot chocolate recipe. One&Only Pure Chocolate, combined with honey and my One&Only Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping, is a delicious feast for the eyes and a great catch – especially in autumn.

Ingredients for 8 oz (approx. 240 ml)

- 180 ml hot milk (approx. 70 C°)
- 40 ml milk froth or whipped cream
- 20 g (½ scoop or 0.7 oz) One&Only Pure Chocolate
- 8 ml (1 shot or 0.3 oz) DaVinci Gourmet Syrup Honeycomb
- 1 teaspoon One&Only Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping


1.) Fill the One&Only Pure Chocolate powder into a cup or glass.
2.) Mix well with part of the milk.
3.) Add DaVinci Gourmet Classic Honeycomb syrup.
4.) Fill the glass up to the rim with milk and top it with milk froth or whipped cream.
5.) Sprinkle Curly Whirly Chocolate Topping on top.

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