Ice Cream Chai

Chai can also be a great summer specialty. My One&Only Vanilla Flavoured Chai, combined with refreshing vanilla ice cream, guarantees an alluring cooling effect on hot summer days.

Ingredients for 12 oz cup (approx. 360 ml)

- 30 ml (1 oz) warm milk
- 220 ml (7.4 oz) cold milk
- 20 - 26 g (1/2 scoop or 0.7 - 0.9 oz) One&Only Vanilla Flavoured Chai
- Approx. 80 ml (2 scoops) vanilla ice cream
- Whipped cream (optional)


1.) Blend One&Only Vanilla Flavoured Chai powder with warm milk in a clear cup or a glass.
2.) Fill up glass with cold milk.
3.) Top with vanilla ice cream.
4.) Garnish with whipped cream (optional).

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