Ice Cream Smoothie (assorted flavours)

A different way to serve ice cream and fruit – the Ice Cream Smoothie guarantees fruity summer refreshment. Just combine my various Smoothie flavours with vanilla ice cream any way you please. Prepared quickly and incredibly tasty!

Ingredients for 12 oz (approx. 360 ml)

- Approx. 110 g (approx. 4-5) ice cubes (a little more than half a 12 oz cup)
- 160 ml (5.4 oz) One&Only Mango, StrawberryPeach or another Smoothie flavour
- 100 ml (3.4 oz) vanilla ice cream


1.) Fill the vanilla ice cream into a glass.
2.) Fill the glass up to above the rim with ice cubes.
3.) Fill the glass with ice cubes up to the rim with One&Only Mango, Strawberry or Peach Smoothie-Mix.
4.) Pour the contents into the jar of a blender (such as Blendtec Smoother) and blend until creamy.
6.) Pour mix into a glass and serve with a straw.

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