M² Matcha Mango Smoothie

Fruity Matcha recipe that is a wonderfully refreshing surprise for your customers in summer. My tart-and-tangy One&Only 100 % Matcha harmonises wonderfully with the fruity mangos of my One&Only Mango Smoothie. A sensual cold drink specialty.

Ingredients for approx. 360 ml (12 oz)

- 160 ml (5.4 oz) One&Only Mango Smoothie
- 160 g (5.6 oz) ice cubes (filled 12 oz cup)
- 3 g (3 pinches) One&Only 100 % Matcha
- Milk froth


1.) Pour One&Only Mango Smoothie mixture and One&Only 100 % Matcha powder into a blender jar.
2.) Fill a 12 oz clear cup with ice cubes and add to the jar.
3.) Blend the contents until creamy and serve in a glass or clear cup.
4.) Top with milk froth and a sprinkling of One&Only 100 % Matcha powder.

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