Rainbow Dairy-free Frappé

Are you ready for colourful drink specialities?! Here we go with the One & Only Dairy-free Frappé and our One & Only Exotic Smoothie: Get the eye-catching trend drink and excite your customers!

Ingredients for 12 oz (about 360 ml)

One & Only Rainbow Dairy-free Frappé

160 g ice cubes
130 ml One & Only Dairy-free Liquid Frappé
30 ml One&Only Exotic Smoothie
Various coloring concentrates (in this recipe natural colors of blue spirulina, thistle and beetroot. Not available in our portfolio.)


1. Fill the glass with plenty of ice cubes.
2. Add Dairy-free Frappé and Exotic Smoothie and put the mixture in the blender.
3. Divide the mix into 3 containers and add the appropriate color to each and stir.
4. Layer each colourful mix in a glass and serve the rainbow!

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