S'Mores Frappé

The ultimate trend drink from the US mixed the One & Only way: with our One & Only Vanilla Flavored Frappé, crispy wholegrain biscuit and the popular One & Only Marshmallow Topping. Excite your customers!

Ingredients for 12 oz (about 360 ml)

One & Only S'Mores Frappé

50 ml Whipped Cream + 8 ml Routin Toasted Marshmallow Syrup
45g One & Only Vanilla Flavored Frappé + 100ml Milk + 160g Ice + 20g Leibniz Whole Grain Biscuits (3 pcs) + 1 Espresso
10g DaVinci Chocolate Sauce
10 g One & Only Bello Marshmallow Topping


1. Decorate inner glass wall with DaVinci Chocolate Sauce.
2. Prepare the cream and pour together the toasted marshmallow syrup and fill all together in the glass.
3. Blend One & Only Vanilla Flavored Frappé, milk, cream, crackers and espresso and add the mix into the glass.
4. Decorate with One & Only Bello Marshmallow topping and crackers.

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