Spicy Christmas

Superb hot wintertime chocolate with a spicy hint of gingerbread that is perfect for the Christmas Season! Especially with my melted Bello Marshmallow Topping, which doesn’t only look delicious but is a feast for your palate as well.

Ingredients for approx. 360 ml (12 oz)

- 240 ml (8.1 oz) hot milk
- 40 ml (1.4 oz) milk froth
- 20 g (1/2 scoop or 0.7 oz) One&Only Pure Chocolate
- 16 ml (2 shots or 0.5 oz) DaVinci Gourmet Syrup Gingerbread Syrup
- 1 espresso
- 1 tsp One&Only Bello Marshmallow Topping


1.) First pour the Gingerbread Syrup into a cup or glass.
2.) Mix the One&Only Pure Chocolate powder with a little hot milk and add to the glass.
3.) Top with the steamed milk and froth before adding the espresso.
4.) Sprinkle with One&Only Bello Marshmallow Topping.

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