Spicy Mango Smoothie

A spicy recipe idea for all your guests who like it hot and are eager to experiment. Conjures up a truly intensive taste experience in the glass by adding wasabi blended with my One&Only Mango Smoothie-Mix. Has to be tried!

Ingredients for 12 oz (approx. 360 ml)

- Approx. 160 g (5.6 oz) ice cubes (one 12 oz cup filled to slightly above the rim)
- 160 ml of One&Only Mango Smoothie
- 1 pinch of wasabi


1.) Fill a glass with ice cubes right up to over the top.
2.) Pour One&Only Mango Smoothie-Mix up to the edge of the tumbler filled with ice cubes.
3.) Add a pinch of wasabi paste or a bit more, according to taste.
4.) Pour the contents in the jar of a blender (blender; e.g. Blendtec Smoother) and blend to a cream.
5.) Pour in a glass and serve with a straw.

Tip: mix fresh wasabi powder and water to a paste. The flavor and spicyness are better than with rady-made wasabi paste.

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