Green Winter Dream

Are you ready for colourful drink specialities?! Here we go with the One & Only Dairy-free Frappé and our One & Only Exotic Smoothie: Get the eye-catching trend drink and excite your customers!

Ingredients for 12 oz (about 360 ml)

Whipped Matcha Dalgona

1 teaspoon 100 % Matcha (03028)

100 ml cream (optional vegan cream)
160 ml One&Only Dairy-free Liquid Frappé (07785)
160 g ice cubes


1. Place 160 g ice cubes in a blender with 160 ml One&Only Dairy-free Liquid Frappé and blend until creamy. 2.
2. pour the contents into a glass.
3. mix 1 tsp One&Only 100 % Matcha (03028) with 100 ml vegan whipped cream and optionally 2 tbsp sugar and whip until stiff (sugar for more firmness).
4. Pour the cream into the glass and enjoy.

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