Red Boba Bliss

Are your guests also increasingly asking for delicious, vegan cold and hot drinks? Here comes a One&Only flavour explosion that is easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients. Delight your customers!

Ingredients for 12 oz (about 360 ml)

Yellow Boba Bliss

Ingredients for 12 oz (approx. 360 ml)

1,7 g One&Only 100 % Matcha Powder (03028)
60 ml hot water
60 ml One&Only Smoothie Mango Sunrise (08130)
140 ml cold plant-based drink (e.g. oats)
100 g ice cubes

Optional: 1 spoon of Popping Boba pearls (e.g. Blueberry)


1. Stir 1,7 g Matcha with 60 ml hot water until foamy.
2. Pour 60 ml Smoothie into a mug and mix with 140 ml cold plant-based drink.
3. Optionally add 1 spoon of Popping Boba pearls.
4. Add ice cubes.
5. Slowly pour the matcha over it.

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