You & Me:

We make the perfect combination. Together we can enchant your customers. With truly enjoyable drinks. With expertise. With a first-class presentation. We are partners, and that’s why I’ll naturally support you as well as I can.

You’re still new in this field? Would you like to embark on a new direction? Or expand your assortment of drinks? No problem! Let’s train the basics and create new recipes together in a little workshop – and see what suits your concept best. Study and try for yourself – that’s my motto. I know pretty well what works where, and of course you shall profit from my knowledge, too.

Naturally I’ll also be by your side at the point of sale and will provide you with attention-grabbing communication materials to push your sales. That’ll include things such as the stylish table tents and the high-quality storage tins. Do you have your own ideas? Then I’ll be happy to help you realize them.